Inventory processflow management


Inventory processflow management

Inventory management software comprise of business applications with the purpose to track, supervise and systematize product sales, material purchases and further assembly processes. Gone are the days of classifying inventory on paper with pen or pencil. Companies are capable of using software based on barcodes or radio-frequency identification (RFID) to spot at what time shipments draw closer, wherever raw materials are situated, and as soon as their products have been shipped. By using inventory management software, businesses condense the time and exertion formerly deposited into basic tracking, and as an alternative focus on scrutinize, finding and reducing inefficiencies in their representation.
Inventory Processflow Management System

Increased sales

With more and more topmost selling platforms, boosting your sales furthermore is assured. We amalgamate with major ecommerce websites like Amazon, ebay, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc. for enhancing your selling opportunities.

Organized orders

Having organized Purchase Orders and Sales Orders cooperated wisely results in proper inventory and delivery. Administer your online as well as offline orders commencing from singular focal place.

End-to-end tracking

Keep on apex of your inventory at the entire time. Maintain labels on your supply precise from order to delivery and on no account misplace a product again.

Foremost shipment

We unite amid chief shipping services, so our customers preserve real-time shipping rates, cash on delivery and latest in-transit info - all in single location.

Warehouse Supervision

Control each and every one of your stockroom from a solitary power point. Stay on check of your reserve plane, shift inventory among different warehouses, formulates reports in favor of each warehouse as of anyplace and anytime.