Indian Subsidiary Registration – Ideal for Foreign Entities interested in investing in IndiaStarting At Rs. 45,999 only (All Inclusive)

What is the Indian Subsidiary registration?

The Indian subsidiary Company is the company whose interests are held and controlled or held by another company. The preference share capital and the paid-up equity share capital of the Subsidiary company can be used to determine the holding company, subsidiary company relationship between two companies. It can either be owned or owned in part by another company. It should be noted that the company that owns the subsidiary is known as a parent company or a holding company. Although, a holding company does slightly differ from a parent company.

Besides, a company owned 100% by another company is said to be a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the company who had made 100% investment in it. So, Hurry up! Apply for Indian Subsidiary Registration through Legal Raasta and enjoy the perks.