Microfinance Company Registration – Starting At Rs.1,90,000-/ (inclusive all taxes & fees) – Microfinance registration by section 8 Company – No RBI Approval
What is a Micro Finance Company?

The Microfinance Company is basically the financial institutions that provide small-scale financial services in the form of loan, credit or savings. These companies are introduced to ease the credit system for small businesses as they don’t get a loan from banks due to their complex process. Therefore it is commonly named as a Micro-credit organization. They offer small loans to various small businesses or households that do not have access to formal banking channels or eligibility for loans. They provide small loans that are less than Rs.50,000 for rural areas and for urban it is Rs.1,25,000. The simplest way to register a Micro Finance Company in India is to register the Section-8 Company with MCA ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs). Without charging any marginal money or guarantee security. It can give loans at inexpensive rates directed by the RBI and central government. They are a huge support to all rural and agricultural development including income and employment creation. There are basically 2 types of microfinance companies that are allowed in India, one is which has to be registered with the RBI and another is the non-profit type, which is registered as section 8 company and does not need RBI approval.