Succession Certificate Starting @ 19999 * Exclusive of Taxes

What is a Succession Certificate?

A Succession Certificate is a certificate granted by Civil Courts in India to the legal heirs of a person dying intestate (without a will) leaving unclaimed debts and securities. A person is said to have passed away intestate when he/she does not leave a legal will. A Succession Certificate entitles the holder of the certificate to make payment of debts or transfer securities on behalf of the deceased, without having to ascertain the legal heir entitled to do so.

The Succession Certificate provides indemnity to all persons owing such debts or liable on such securities with regards to all payments made to, or dealings in good faith, with the person to whom the certificate as granted. Hence, many organisations and people request a Succession Certificate before settling the debts or securities of the deceased, in favour of the person claiming such debts or securities. The Succession Certificate is issued according to the applicable law of inheritance.